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blessing vs. suffering
June 23, 2010, 12:23 pm
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Check out these beautiful truths from a great man/team leader for the Young Life Hertford trip, Brent Shoemaker.

“What if being blessed meant suffering? What if pain was the road that landed you at destination blessing?  Do suffering and blessing go together?

What is the better blessing anyway, a new job or a new heart?  A new boyfriend or a new way of seeing God as Father? A new set of circumstances or a new way of viewing your circumstances?   So much of what we attach to “blessing” is circumstantial but the real value of blessing is what happens inside.  What would you rather have?  Inner Peace or Outward Power?  Contentment or More Stuff?  More friends or Self Worth?  I’ve been challenged so much lately to rethink my entire approach to “blessing”  & “better.” For so long I looked for the outward manifestation of God’s goodness and now God is directing my eyes to my heart.  What is the true blessing Stephanie, new circumstances or a new freedom in me that is not dependent on your circumstances? Stephanie do you want to own more stuff or do you want to be free from your stuff owning you? So what kind of “blessing” are you looking for?  Scripture is clear, God is most obsessed with the condition of our hearts and desires to “bless” us by by conforming us more into the image of Jesus. (Sanctification)   Maybe you’re looking in all the wrong places for a “blessing.”  It’s possible that your greatest blessing is happening right now in your heart as God uses this painful life to actually give you life.”

30 days until I get to serve alongside these sweet people in Hertford, England.


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I love this, and I love you.

Comment by Megan Sheasby

truth…tough but honest.

you amaze me steph. I enjoy your “let’s just get to the heart of the matter” way of blogging.

Comment by dtlove

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