Let Me Clear My Throat

what should i do with my life?
February 28, 2012, 6:04 pm
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As I am constantly plagued by this question and often find myself on the verge of a midlife crisis a week shy of 22 years old, I may have found my answer.

“Deep down, however, something within us seems to remember the Garden within which we once existed. Part of us longs to return; we know that this is where we belong. But another part of us seems bent on living out our illusions of freedom and autonomy. We tell ourselves that we can create other gardens in which to find soul rest and encounter love. But what we create are weed-infested gardens of compulsion and idolatry. Instead of rest we get addiction and self-preoccupation. And our restlessness grows, our hearts yearning for something both familiar and unattainable.”
Surrender to Love, David G. Benner

I don’t know much, but I do know that the idea of freedom and autonomy that I paint myself into is the product of my own idolatry and lack of faith in the Lord’s sovereignty in my life.

The only way to get to the next step of my life is to surrender to love. Pray for me as I continue to be humbled by the writings of Mr. Benner